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The Child Finder

By Rene Denfeld


272 pages

What’s it about? Six-year-old Madison Culver disappeared three years ago in the Skookum National Forest in Oregon.  She was out looking for a Christmas tree in the forest with her parents.  Three years later, in a last ditch effort, her parents hire Naomi- a private investigator with a talent for finding the hidden or the lost.   In this novel, Naomi’s story is interwoven with Madison’s story to create a suspenseful, dark,  and page-turning book. What did it make me think about? This novel made me think of how complicated, terrifying, and amazing the human mind is. Should I read it? I loved “The Enchanted” by Rene Denfeld a few years ago.  This book was just as good.  I have read quite a few “dark” novels of late and this book fits in that category.  If your stories do not have to be sweet and happy then I would highly recommend both “The Enchanted” and “The Child Finder”.  I am not sure why- but both Ms. Denfelds’ novels seem “magical” to me.  This novel will easily be one of my best books for winter! Quote- “His empty shoulder joint reminded him that life came at a cost.  The bomb that had taken his arm exploded as he was saving a hostage: he was lucky.  An accident might take his legs: a stroke could take his brain.  His heart could die of loneliness a little every day.  Why, life could steal all of him at any time. That was life.”

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