The Child Finder

By Rene Denfeld


272 pages

What’s it about?
Six-year-old Madison Culver disappeared three years ago in the Skookum National Forest in Oregon.  She was out looking for a Christmas tree in the forest with her parents.  Three years later, in a last ditch effort, her parents hire Naomi- a private investigator with a talent for finding the hidden or the lost.   In this novel, Naomi’s story is interwoven with Madison’s story to create a suspenseful, dark,  and page-turning book.

What did it make me think about?
This novel made me think of how complicated, terrifying, and amazing the human mind is.

Should I read it?
I loved “The Enchanted” by Rene Denfeld a few years ago.  This book was just as good.  I have read quite a few “dark” novels of late and this book fits in that category.  If your stories do not have to be sweet and happy then I would highly recommend both “The Enchanted” and “The Child Finder”.  I am not sure why- but both Ms. Denfelds’ novels seem “magical” to me.  This novel will easily be one of my best books for winter!

“His empty shoulder joint reminded him that life came at a cost.  The bomb that had taken his arm exploded as he was saving a hostage: he was lucky.  An accident might take his legs: a stroke could take his brain.  His heart could die of loneliness a little every day.  Why, life could steal all of him at any time.
That was life.”

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