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The Chief Inspector Armand Gamache Series

By Louise Penny

Still Life by Louise Penny
A Fatal Grace by Louise Penny
The Cruelest Month by Louise Penny
A Rule Against Murder by Louise Penny
The Brutal Telling by Louise Penny
What’s it about? I am reviewing these novels as a group since I am afraid my reviews would be redundant any other way.  All the novels revolve around mysteries that takes place in Quebec, Canada and are solved by Chief Inspector Armand Gamache and his team. What did it make me think about? How much I would like to live in Three Pines in Quebec- despite the cold and the murders! Should I read it? These novels are just an amazing blend of good writing, great characters, and awfully interesting mysteries.  I had heard of them forever but somehow had always resisted picking one up.  What a mistake!  They were perfect vacation reads as they are easy to read and so enjoyable.

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