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The Caretaker

By A.x. Ahmad


292 pages

The Caretaker by A. X. Ahmad What’s it about? This literary thriller finds Captain Ranjit Singh working on Martha’s Vineyard as a caretaker.  Captain Singh is a former Indian military officer that left India in disgrace.  On the island he inadvertently becomes caught up in a secret, international cover up that puts himself and his family in danger. What did I think? This is a great beach read or travel book.  Captain Singh is a Sikh (a monotheistic religion found mostly in India) and this informs his daily life.  The book was interesting, and also a quick page-turner.  I did find the beginning a little slow, but once it picked up steam it was really good. Should you read it? Pick this one up for your next plane flight! Quote- “Ranjit looks away.  Any more self-disclosure, and the next time the Senator sees Ranjit, he’ll be distant and aloof.  That’s just how rich people are, their bursts of fellowship followed by a great remove.”

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