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The Boy In The Field

By Margot Livesey


254 pages

What’s it about? In the fall of 1999 three teenage siblings are walking home from school when they discover a boy lying in a field.  He is unconscious and bleeding.  Help is called and the boy survives.  All three siblings are forever changed by this experience. What did it make me think about? I thought I was picking up a mystery, but this book turned out to be so much more.  How have I never read a book written by Margot Livesey?  The writing reminds me a little of Sigrid Nunez.  It’s like the voices of the characters are so low you really need to pay attention. Should I read it? This was such a quiet novel with so much to say.  It was a mystery about what happened to that boy in the field, but it was more about the mystery of the human mind.  “I don’t think we’ll ever finish discussing ideas of the self, or the problem of evil.” Quote- “People talk about locked-room mysteries, but the ultimate locked room is another person’s brain.”

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