the next good book

The Bookish Life Of Nina Hill

By Abbi Waxman


333 pages

What’s it about?
Nina Hill lives a very scheduled life in L.A. with her cat Phil, a few close friends, and her dream job at a independent bookstore.  When the father she never knew suddenly dies and leaves her with a bequest in his will (and lots of new relatives) Nina is taken aback.   Add a new love interest and suddenly her very controlled life- is out of control…What did it make me think about?
OK, so I lovedThe Garden of Small Beginningsby Abbi Waxman and have had this next book on my shelf for awhile.  I was just waiting for the right time to read it.  After too many serious books in a row (and stay at home rules) a little romance, glib dialogue,  and irreverence seemed perfect!

Should I read it?
Abbi Waxman writes characters that I miss after I turn the last page.  I still think​ The Garden of Small Beginnings is my favorite of the two books, but I certainly enjoyed this novel as well.  She writes such smart, snappy dialogue and you just want her characters to find love and happiness.  I highly recommend this book for those moments when you need an author with a light touch.

‘That was back when you called someone on the phone and had to physically lift a receiver to talk to them’.
‘Weird’, said Polly.
‘Yeah,’ said Liz, ‘you couldn’t hide behind a veil of casual, the way you guys do.  But you could slam the phone very loudly, which was satisfying.’  You could also have a private life, she thought to herself, and not get haunted forever by poor decisions, but decided not to rub it in.  It wasn’t as though millennial didn’t know what they’d lost; they simply weighed it up against everything they’d gained and decided it was probably a wash.”

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