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The Book Of M

By Peng Shepherd

What’s it about? This dystopian novel concentrates on the power of memories.  One day in India a man suddenly loses his shadow.  Their is no scientific explanation.  Over time he also loses his memories.  He is the first, but the phenomenon quickly spreads around the world.  The book opens two years later as Ory and Max are hiding out from the chaos in a former resort in Virginia.  One day Max wakes up without her shadow.  The story goes from there…
What did it make me think about? This book concentrates heavily on how much our memories make us who we are.  I could not help but think of all those that are aging and losing their memories.Should I read it? The first half of this book is definitely stronger than the second half of the book.  I like a good dystopian novel every now and then and had high hopes for this one.  However, I just didn’t care enough about these people to make it 485 pages!  If the plot drives your book- it better be riveting.  This was not always riveting.   Having said that- this book has gotten lots of great reviews so maybe it is just me. Quote-I understood then how the Forgetting works. Why sometimes we shadowless simply don’t remember anymore and why other times something changes: there’s a difference between when the mind forgets and when the heart does.”

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