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The Bones Of Paradise

By Jonis Agee


416 pages

What’s it about? This is an old-fashioned Western that takes place about ten years after the massacre at Wounded Knee. This novel has a wide cast of characters- many of them very flawed. What did it make me think about? How brutal the American West really was, and obviously how horrible the American Indians were treated. Should I read it? This was a good book set during a hard time in American history. The author does a good job of describing life in that time and place. At times I felt like it struggled from too many characters and plotlines, but it kept my interest. Quote- “In the Hills grudges never died, they remained as they took place, as the words were uttered, since there was nowhere for them to go, nothing to break them apart, the soft edges of the hills offered nothing hard enough to smash the anger, nothing sharp enough to to cut through the Gordian knot, so it lived fresh, undeniable as the first day. In the hills there were only first days, no history. They marked time by the growing list of wrongs until its weight pulled them under and they vanished, smothered with the breath of the sand in their mouths.”

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