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The Bomber Mafia

By Malcolm Gladwell


206 pages

What’s it about? The Bomber Mafia is the name of a group of strategic military leaders that began working together at Maxwell Field in Alabama after World War 1.  They believed that warfare would change now that airplanes were becoming more sophisticated.  Their hope was that precision bombing would take out critical infrastructure and shorten the length of wars- thus minimizing heavy casualties.  Precision bombing and their idealism are both put to the test during World War 2.What did it make me think about? This story reminded me that the choices we make say a lot about us as people.  Malcolm Gladwell writes,“We live in an era when new tools and technologies and innovations emerge every day.  But the only way those new technologies serve some higher purpose is if a dedicated band of believers insists that they be used to that purpose.”Should I read it? I believe Malcom Gladwell could make any topic interesting.Quote- “The whole argument of the Bomber Mafia, their whole reason for being, was that they didn’t want to cross the line.  They weren’t just advancing a technological argument.  They were also advancing a moral argument about how to wage war.”

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