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The Beekeeper Of Aleppo

By Christy Lefteri


307 pages

What’s it about? Nuri, Afra, and their son Sami live in Aleppo, Syria amidst the chaos of a civil war.  Nuri is a beekeeper in the countryside and Afra sells her paintings in the market.  As the war infringes more and more on their lives they know they must leave Syria in order to be safe.  This novel imagines their journey out of Aleppo.
What did it make me think about? This novel was unbearably sad.  It made me think about the millions of refugees out there and the millions of stories they must have to tell.Should I read it? This is a beautifully written account of an immigrant family’s journey out of a war torn country.  Hard to fathom that this is a reality for so many people today.  Although the plot will keep you interested, the story will break your heart. Quote- “And for awhile on those evenings, with the apricots sweet and the smell of night jasmine, Firas on his computer and Aya sitting beside us with Sami in her arms while he chewed her hair, and Agra’s and Dahab’s laughter reaching us from the kitchen, on those nights, we were still happy.  Life was close enough to normal for us to forget our doubts, or at least to keep them locked away somewhere in the deep recesses of our minds while we made plans for the future.”

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