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The Beauty In The Breaking

By Michele Harper


280 pages

What’s it about? Michele Harper is a Black woman who works as an Emergency Room doctor.  Her memoir is one woman’s journey of self- growth and discovery.
What did it make me think about? What an interesting perspective.
Should I read it? Through her stories of life in the E.R. (treating all kinds of patients) we see Ms. Harper’s intellect, her kindness, and her compassion.  What we do not see is much joy, or any humor.  This makes for a rather preachy book.  I must say that I admire Michele Harper and if I ever find myself in an E.R. I would consider myself fortunate to see her standing by my bedside.
Quote- “I knew myself well enough to know that when I leave, I leave for good. First comes the physical separation; the emotional disentanglement follows in time,”

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