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The Assassination Of Margaret Thatcher

By Hilary Mantel


242 pages

What’s it about? This is a collection of short stories. What did it make me think about? I was so intrigued with what Hilary Mantel would write for a short story after reading “Wolf Hall”.  “Wolf Hall” was anything but short. Should I read it? I enjoyed almost every story. I especially found “The Heart Fails Without Warning” interesting.Hilary Mantel writes in such a strong style that even though the subject matter was completely different than Tudor England, I could still recognize her writing.If you like short stories you will enjoy this book. Quote- “Like last year’s school uniform, it was too big for her. It didn’t matter, because the schoolhad made it clear they didn’t want to see her this term.Not until she’s turned the corner, they said, on her way back to a normal weight.Because the school has such a competitive ethos.And it could lead to mass fatalities if the girls decided to compete with Morna.”

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