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The Animals

By Christian Kiefer


309 pages

What’s it about? Bill Reed runs an animal refuge in the woods of Northern Idaho.He has made a life for himself in this isolated country, but his past is about to catch up with him. His old friend Rick is out of prison and has an ax to grind.When Rick shows up, Bill is forced to confront his past. What did it make me think about? This book had so many themes- the connection between animals and people, the good and bad that lies in each of us, love, friendship and betrayal.This book made me think about lots of different topics. Should I read it? I thought I was going to love this book!It had so many great reviews and it started with such promise.I see all the literary merits, and I would love to discuss this book with someone, but certain sections of the book felt like a chore to read.It was really good, but slow for me at times, especially when you consider that it is marketed as a thriller. Quote- “And for the first time you understand that everyone is a killer: here in the forest, in the desert from which you have come, indeed perhaps the world itself nothing more than a vast field for the dealing out of death, some odds so slight as to be impossible to gauge.”

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