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Tell Me Everything

By Erika Krouse


270 pages

What’s it about? Erika Krouse has written two stories seamlessly intertwined into one book.  She writes about being an adult survivor of sexual assault- who is also actively investigating a series of sexual assaults that occur on a college campus. It does not take much to figure out that the town is Boulder and the school is University of Colorado.  Krouse writes about the great length the University community went to protect the players and the program. Krouse details her personal journey as she learns of the systemic and pervasive harassment that took place under the university administration at the time. What did it make me think about? How is this possibly still happening? Should I read it? When I picked this book up I thought “This is going to be too hard to read”.  Erika Krouse does a good job of making a book with difficult subject matter readable.  It certainly makes you understand how too much power in anyone’s hands leads to some pretty horrible situations.  And Large university sports programs (and athletes) certainly have a lot of influence and power.   “Football is capitalism on Steroids.  How much capitalism?  The university football budget was about nineteen million dollars per year.  Every other athletic program , including men’s and women’s basketball, lost millions each year.  But football supposedly funded them all, with their yearly net profit of five to ten million.”  Read this one! Quote- “Perhaps by ghettoizing these men, isolating them, removing consequences, delivering regular blunt force trauma to their brains, and teaching them daily to hurt people, the university was molding an elite group of potential perpetrators for its own financial gain.”

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