the next good book


By Christine Mangan


308 pages

What’s it about? Lucy and Alice are inseparable college roommates until a terrible accident tears them apart. Alice leaves college and marries.   She moves to Tangiers with her new husband John.  Unexpectedly Lucy appears in Tangiers and at her door one day. What did it make me think about? This novel is all style and suspense.  This book had me turning the page and not thinking too much at all. Should I read it? Something about this book reminded me of  “Rebecca”.  Not the plot but the stylish writing and the sense that at any moment something is going to happen.  If you like a psychological thriller then try this one.  It is not amazing- but it is fun.  I hear George Clooney has bought the rights so you may be seeing it in a theatre near you soon. Quote- “Over a year now, and it was still cast in a hazy fog that I could not seem to work my way out of, no matter how long I tripped through the labyrinth.It’s better that way,my aunt had said afterward, when I told her about the vaporous sheen my memories had taken on, how I could no longer remember details of that horrible night, of the days that followed.  Leave it in the past, she had urged as if my memories were objects that could be packed away in boxes secure enough to ensure they would never let loose the secrets within.” ​

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