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Swimming Lessons

By Claire Fuller


350 pages

What’s it about? Gil is a writer and professor when he first meets Ingrid, one of his students, and they begin a long and tumultuous relationship.  Years later Ingrid disappears, leaving Gil and their two daughters (Nan and Flora) alone.  Ingrid leaves a variety of letters for Gil set inside various books.  As old age sets in and Gil’s health declines he believes he has spotted Ingrid in town.   Nan and Flora return home to tie up loose ends.
What did it make me think about? This book is all about marriage, relationships, and choices.  Our choices have such an effect on our relationships- especially on our marriages.  The author’s use of old letters (left in various books) was such an interesting way to share what Ingrid was thinking at the time.  We obviously see that Gil only thinks of himself!
Should I read it? This is a character driven book and the characters were interesting and flawed!  Plus- the writer obviously not only loved to write, but loved to read as well.“Writing does not exist unless there is someone to read it, and each reader will take something different from a novel, from a chapter, from a line. “I really enjoyed this one.  It is a book club selection for me this month and it should make for a good discussion!  Can’t wait to hear what people thought of this one.Quote- “And I saw what I hadn’t taken in the night before with the crush of people: your books.  Every wall lined with shelves, and every shelf was crammed with books, jammed in any way possible.  I scanned some of the titles, fiction mixed in with nonfiction and reference.   There was no order and no way of judging your taste:…”

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