the next good book


By Margaret Atwood


199 pages

What’s it about?

The unnamed narrator in this novel has gone home to a remote area in Quebec to search for her missing father.  She is accompanied by her lover, Joe, and a married couple she knows through Joe.  As she searches we see her internal struggle with her sense of self.

What did it make me think about?

Where is this story going?

Should I read it?

This must have been a very different novel when it was published in 1972.  It falls into the category of stories where I ponder, “Is this a reliable narrator?”.  I admired this novel much more than I liked it. The last page brought it all together for me- but it was a long 198 pages to get there.  I am guessing that the fact I have been devouring beach reads for 30 days may have made this book seem more difficult than it is?  I would recommend this to anyone that is interested in literature- this book is not necessarily entertaining but it is interesting.


“A divorce is like an amputation, you survive but there’s less of you.”

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