the next good book


By Takis Wurger


196 pages

What’s it about? This coming of age novel takes place in 1942.  Friedrich decides to embark on a trip from his home in Switzerland to the city of Berlin.  Friedrich wants to pursue drawing but is also curious about Berlin and the rumors that have been flying around since the war began.  Once there he encounters Stella and falls deeply in love.  However love and  Germany are not exactly what he has envisioned.
What did it make me think about? How hard it is to read books about Germany and World War 2.  Where does the need to remember blur into entertainment?  This novel is based on a real life woman who lived in Berlin and betrayed her fellow Jews.  Can  any author do justice to the angst and horror of that wartime decision?
Should I read it? I liked Takis Wurger’s writing style.  However his characters never really came to life for me.  I still found the book interesting and will look for more books written by Takis Wurger.Quote- “I wondered how to shake off the feeling of loneliness that had come over me ever since I’d stepped off the night train.  The flags, the high buildings, the people wearing stars, the noise, the smell- everything was strange to me.  From a distance the Germans seemed big; close up they were as small as I was.  Only the backdrop was big- above all the flags.  The German flags were very big.  I resolved to resume my travels soon.”

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