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Station Eleven

By Emily St. John Mandel


333 pages

What’s it about? Imagine that a pandemic quickly spreads throughout the modern world killing 98% of the population.  Over time, society as you know is falls away.  No technology, electricity, or communication.  The world becomes a place of small, isolated communities.  Ms. Mandel takes us back and forth in time from the world as we know it, to this post pandemic world she has created. What did it make me think about? Possibilities…..  Not all good. Should I read it? It is the best kind of book- a book you miss as soon as you finish.  I do not think of myself as a  fan of post- apocalyptic novels, but I loved this book.   Ms. Mandel seems to have a different approach in this novel.  “Station Eleven” seems interested in the concept of how you would begin to rebuild a society.Fascinating! Quote- “I don’t remember my parents.  Actually just impressions.  I remember hot air coming out of vents in winter, and machines that played music.  I remember what computers looked like with the screen lit up.  I remember how you could open a fridge, and cold air and light would spill out. Or freezers, even colder, with those little squares of ice in trays.  Do you remember fridges?”

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