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State of Terror

By Hillary Rodham Clinton and Louise Penny


486 pages

What’s it about? This plot-driven novel centers around newly appointed Secretary of State Ellen Adams as she tries to outmaneuver political foes as well as terrorists. What did it make me think about? As in all good plot-driven novels I was only thinking about what was going to happen next, although you had to wonder at times what was based on fact and what was pure imagination. Should I read it? I very much enjoyed this book. I am a big Louise Penny fan, so I was delighted to find a nod to our old friends in Three Pines in this story. Not only did the plot in this latest book keep me interested, but the celebration of strong female friendships (both in the story and through the writing) was such a pleasure.  This novel does involve politics so anyone with strong feelings about Hillary Rodham Clinton may want to steer clear of this book- but for the rest of us it was a fun political thriller. Quote- “He paused for a moment, finding, choosing, his words.  ‘What would happen happen if there was a catastrophe on American Soil?  A terror attack so horrific it would wound this nation for generations? And it happened during this administration?’ “

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