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Standard Deviation

By Katherine Heiny


319 pages

What’s it about? Graham Cavanagh is in his second marriage to Audra.  Audra is younger than Graham, more vivacious than Graham, and definitely more animated than Graham.  All the qualities that Elspeth, Graham‘s first wife, lacked- Audra has in excess. Be careful what you wish for! This novel explores Graham and Audra’s marriage with humor.   Having said that, the topics this novel explores are not always light- but the author observes every situation with such a wry wit you will be smiling despite the situation.
What did it make me think about? Nora Ephron!
Should I read it? This novel is a hoot! Audrey is a character that will not soon be forgotten-“Graham had noticed that shy people loved Audra because she talks so much, and she frequently did both parts of the conversation.”Making Graham the narrator was brilliant. To see life through his eyes made this novel work. If you like good satire then I would highly recommend this one.
Quote- “ War is hell, yes; but so is Cub Scouts. Or at least being the parent of a Cub Scout is. A subtler kind of hell where the people have no sense of irony, and they make you go camping in cold weather, and you have to carve small race cars out of blocks of wood, and sing songs that have lots of verses, and attend den meetings, and help your child obtain all sorts of useless (and nearly unobtainable) badges. And then, after years of encouraging your kid to like Cub Scouts, you have to quick discourage him from liking it around age 12 so it doesn’t adversely affect his social life. Plus, they ban alcohol.”

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