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So Say The Fallen

By Stuart Neville


325 pages

What’s it about? Serena Flanagan is a detective in Belfast dealing with her own personal problems when she is called to the scene of an apparent suicide.  Is it suicide or is it murder?What did it make me think about? This is a good old-fashioned crime novel.   It is well-written and delivers just what you hope for when you read a crime thriller.  Neville adds depth to his story with his writing-  “This place rang with the kind of hatred that only poverty fosters.”, Should I read it? If you love a good detective story then Stuart Neville delivers.  Pick this one up for a fast summer read. Quote- “Is this really it?  Is this how it ends? Not with an explosive row, nor a discovered affair.  No final betrayal to sever them.  Just a slow decline of bitter reproaches and fake apologies until there is nothing left but festering resentment between them all.”

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