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Silver Sparrow

By Tayari Jones

What’s it about? The novel begins with the line, “My father, James Witherspoon, is a bigamist.”So the story had me from the first line.  Tayari Jones is most well-known as the author of An American Marriage, but I enjoyed this earlier book as well.   The story is told from two different points of view. James Witherspoon’s has two daughters from different marriages and they each serve as narrators. Both stories are compelling.What did it make me think about? Secret lives…Should I read it? Tayari Jones can tell a story!  This novel takes place in Atlanta in the 1990’s and portrays a world I didn’t know much about.  That is always appealing to me. Quote- “And this is how it started.  Just with coffee and the exchange of their long stories.  Love can be incremental.  Predicaments,too.  Coffee can start a life just as it can start a day.  This was the meeting of tow people destined to love from before they were born, from before they made choices that would complicate their lives.  This love just rolled toward my mother as though she were standing at the bottom of a steep hill.  Mother had no hand in this, only heart.”

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