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Shrines of Gaiety

By Kate Atkinson


391 pages

What’s it about?

London in 1926 is just coming back from the Great War.  Nightclubs are flourishing and Nellie Coker and her family own some of the best.  But Nellie has her enemies…

What did it make me think about?

London- between wars.

Should I read it?

This was just a thoroughly entertaining book.  Lots of good characters, plenty of action, and an interesting time period.  It took me a little while to become engaged with the story but the second half flew by.


“Men talked in order to convey information or to ruminate on cricket scores and campaign statistics.  Women, on the other hand, talked in an effort to understand the foibles of human behaviour.  If men were to “gossip”, the world might be a better place.  There would certainly be fewer wars.”

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