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Shoe Dog

By Phil Knight


383 pages

What’s it about? This is Phil Knight’s memoir about his life.  He wrote the book himself (no ghostwriter involved) and most of the book focuses on his time developing NIKE into the company and brand it has become.What did it make me think about? This book reinforced that becoming a billionaire is not for the faint of heart.  Phil Knight not only worked hard for years, but he lived on the precipice of bankruptcy for a very long time.  The NIKE we know was a long time in the making.  I also found it interesting how the idea for the company developed and morphed over time. I think I imagined Phil Knight sitting down at a cobbler’s bench and creating the first pair of NIKE shoes, and that is not quite how it happened. Should I read it? I would recommend this book to anyone, but especially those that have an interest in how a business is developed.  Really interesting story- I do have to admit that Phil Knight does not seem like someone that I would look forward to spending a ton of time with… Quote- “Like it or not, life is a game.  Whoever denies that truth, whoever simply refuses to play, gets left on the sidelines, and I didn’t wasn’t that.  More than anything, that was the ting I did not want. Which led, as always, to my Crazy Idea.  Maybe, I thought, just maybe, I need to take one more look at my Crazy Idea.  Maybe my Crazy Idea just might….work?”

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