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Sharks In The Time Of Saviors

By Kawaii Strong Washburn


373 pages

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What’s it about? In 1995, off the coast of Kailua-Kona Hawaii, 7-year-old Noa falls off a boat and is rescued and delivered back to his mom in the jaws of a shark.  Thus begins the legend of Noa and the great expectations put upon him.  Noa is the middle child and his “specialness” has repercussions for the whole family, but especially for his older brother Dean and his younger sister Kaui.   This is a story of Hawaii, the Gods, a family, and expectations.What did it make me think about? Hawaii. Should I read it? I really expected to love this book.  However despite the lyrical writing, the beautiful setting, and the vivid characters- I just did not love it.  Kawaii Strong Washburn is a very talented writer but I struggled to connect to the characters. I did love reading about Hawaii, and the setting was almost a character in itself.   It might have been my mood because so many have loved this book…. Quote- ​” ‘Whenever I’ve made  a choice in my life, a real choice..’  She leans back from my head.  Touches my shoulder just for a second.  ‘I can always feel the change, after I choose.  The better versions of myself, moving just out of reach.’ “

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