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Self-portrait With Boy

By Rachel Lyon


374 pages

What’s it about? Lu Rile is a struggling artist.  A photographer who works hard and has big dreams.  One day she is taking a self-portrait at the same time a young boy falls by her window.  She accidentally captures the moment.  The beauty of the photograph is everything she has been hoping for.  This photograph could finally get her into the art world- if she has the stomach to use it.What did it make me think about? Ambition. Should I read it? This book just flat out surprised me.  I did not think I would like it much.  I certainly did not like the main character.  Lu Rile is no hero.  However, the pages just flew by and the book certainly had a viewpoint.  If you are looking for a book that makes you think- look no further.  This book would make for a great discussion! Quote- “The thing about remembering is that each time you retrieve an event from he past it alters the memory itself.  If to tell a story is to repaint the past, to remember is to crumple; to fold, unfold, refold, and inevitably rip.  If to tell a story is to renovate, to remember is too destroy.”

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