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Rooftops Of Tehran

By Mahbod Seraji


345 pages

What’s it about? This coming of age story takes place in Tehran during the summer of 1973.  Pasha is a 17 year-old boy making the transition into adulthood, much like every other 17 year-old boy in the world.  The Shah of Iran is still in power and this political climate creates the backdrop to the story. What did it make me think about? This story reinforced that adolescence is a difficult time no matter the circumstances.  It also taught me more about Iran and the Persian culture.   I found the Persian culture to be really interesting. Should I read it? This was a good coming of age story.  If you have an interest in Iran it would be an especially good choice. Quote- “My dad is the wisest man I know.  His indirect way of warning us of the potential dangers of a conflict with the government and its agents, without ever mentioning Doctor, was brilliant.  That’s the way of the Persians- we are masters in the art of implication, sometimes at the cost of the point getting lost on an unsophisticated listener.  Facts seldom matter.  The meaning and the message are always woven into the fabric of our discourse.”

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