the next good book


By Lisa Genova


253 pages

What’s it about?
This slim non-fiction selection will inform you (in a clear, concise way) of the most important features of how we make and then retrieve memories.  Lisa Genova is the best selling author ofStill Aliceand she is a great storyteller.  As our population ages more and more people are facing memory issues.  Ms. Genova is a strong and informed voice telling us not to panic, that forgetting is just as important to our memory as remembering.“Forgetting is quite important; it helps us function every day in all kids of ways. It’s advantageous for us to get rid of any unnecessary, irrelevant, interfering, or even painful memories that can potentially distract us or cause us to make mistakes or feel miserable. Sometimes we need to forget one thing in order to pay attention to- and remember- another, and so in this way, forgetting can facilitate better memory.”​Who knew?What did it make me think about?
I just found this fascinating.  Lisa Genova makes a complex system easy to understand, and she is reassuring of our fallibilities at the same time.Should I read it?
Anyone who is interested in memory issues or neuroscience will enjoy this quick book.  There are lots of takeaways and they coincide with health suggestions across the board- eat a healthy diet, exercise, sleep, and continue to learn new things are just some of the suggestions. She also suggests looking up from your phone once in awhile. “We live in a constantly connected, go-go-go time plagued by distraction. Your smartphone, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, text alerts, e-mail, incessantly racing thoughts- all of these are attention thieves and, by extension, memory thieves.”Pick up this book and maybe you will even remember the details a month later.  FYI- I might not- but at least after reading the book I will understand why I forgot the details….

​”The number one reason for forgetting what you just said, a person’s name, where you put your phone, and whether already drove over a really big bridge is lack of attention.  You can’t remember later what is right in front of you if you don’t pay attention to it.”

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