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Redhead By The Side Of The Road


178 pages

What’s it about? Micah Mortimer is a quiet man who strives to lead an orderly life.  When a young man shows up at his door believing Micah might be his long lost father, it throws into motion a series of events that upend the “perfect” life he envisions.What did it make me think about? How different we all are in the ways we connect to other people.  This story also highlights the pitfalls of looking for perfection in others.  Something to think about… Should I read it? I just love Anne Tyler.  I am so glad she is such a prolific writer!  I thoroughly enjoyed her latest novel. Quote- “Does he ever stop to consider his life?  The meaning of it, the point?  Does it trouble him to think that he will  probably spend the next thirty or forty years this way?  Nobody knows.  And it’s almost certain nobody’s ever asked him.”

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