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Razorblade Tears

By S.A. Cosby


319 pages

What’s it about? Isiah and Derek are a gay, interracial couple with a young daughter.  When they are found brutally murdered both families are devastated.  Although their tough ex-con fathers have had trouble accepting them in life- they are fully committed to avenging them in death.  Feeling that the police are hitting a standstill they take on the case themselves. What did it make me think about? Are they going to make it out of this alive? Should I read it? This is a solid mystery that explores racial tensions, regrets, and intolerance.  Do not choose this one if you have a distaste for violent novels.  This book packs a punch! Quote- ” ‘Revenge?’ Tangerine asked.  Ike smiled ruefully. ‘No hate.  Folks like to talk about revenge like it’s a righteous thing but it’s just hate in a nicer suit,’ Ike said.”

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