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Ramadan Ramsey

By Louis Edwards


383 pages

What’s it about? It is 1999 and Ramadan Ramsey is 12-years-old and living in New Orleans with his grandmother, Mama Joon.  His mother passed away when he was small and he has never known his father.  When his grandmother dies and leaves him alone with his Aunt Clarissa (and lots of cousins) he struggles with what to do. Ramadan decides to sneak away and travel around the world to find his father.  His unexpected journey is at the heart of this story.
What did it make me think about? This book is filled with great characters.
Should I read it? This is a book that I have great admiration for.  For me the beautiful, descriptive writing (and the writing is beautiful) could sometimes actually get in the way of the story that Louis Edwards was telling.   I feel the plot was sometimes  bogged down by all the words…  Having said that Mr. Edwards writes some of the best characters.   I really liked this book but I would have loved it about 30 pages less.

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