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Rabbit Cake

By Annie Hartnett


327 pages

What’s it about? This coming-of-age story centers around young Elvis Babbitt as she grapples with the drowning death of her mother in the Chattahouchee river in Alabama.  Elvis is intrigued by animals and science.   She grieves along with a sleepwalking older sister and a lipstick wearing Dad. Quite a memorable cast of characters! What did it make me think about? Annie Hartnett has a sense of humor.  The subject matter sounded so sad that I was hesitant to pick this one up, but the cover accurately depicts the mood of the book.  Elvis Babbitt just made me smile. Should I read it? This novel is made for those of us who appreciate a cast of quirky characters and a strange sense of humor. Quote- “On my tenth birthday, six months before she sleepwalked into the river, Mom burned the rabbit cake.  “Ten might not be a great year for you, she said, squeezing my shoulder.  I couldn’t tell if she was kidding.  The rabbit’s face and ears were charred black.” “Dogs have a lot of things about life figured out; they aren’t afraid to let something go.  Their hearts are always open to loving no more.”

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