the next good book


By Min Jin Lee


485 pages

What’s it about? This novel follows four generations of one Korean family from the early 1900’s in Korea to the late 1980’s in Japan.  The novel begins auspiciously with, “History has failed us, but no matter.” and continues barreling forward from there. Min Jin Lee previously wrote “Free Food for Millionaires”.   In this, her second novel ,  she further distinguishes herself as a writer to watch. What did it make me think about? Is racism literally everywhere?  I knew so little about Korean history.  This book shows us, through Min Jin Lee’s wonderfully drawn  characters, some of the recent history of Korea.  Especially the complicated relationship between Korea and Japan.   Min Jin Lee writes a masterful novel about the lives of one Korean family. Should I read it? This was a very good multi-generational sweeping saga.  I especially love a book that informs you at the same time it is entertaining you.  I recommend that you find some time and curl up on the couch with this one! Quote- ​”In Seoul, people like me get called Japanese bastard, and in Japan, I’m just another dirty Korean no matter how much money I make, or how nice I am.”

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