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Orhan’s Inheritance

By Aline Ohanesian


337 pages

Orhan’s Inheritance by Aline Ohanesian What’s it about? Another first time author and again I am amazed at what a story Ms. Ohanesian weaves.  Questions abound when Orhan’s grandfather (Kemal) leaves the family home in Turkey to an unknown woman in America (Lucine).   This book begins in present day Turkey, and through a series of flashbacks we learn the story of what happened to Lucine and Kemal during World War One. What did I think? I knew very little about Turkey during World War One, or the plight of the Armenians.  The plot and characters kept me interested in the story.  I definitely felt that Ms Ohanesian was trying to get a point across but it was never too heavy handed or too preachy.    I read to learn new perspectives, and this novel gave me a new perspective. Should you read it? This is a wonderful piece of historical fiction.  If you like your history given to you through characters and stories then you will very much enjoy this book. Quote- “But he is not singular.  No one is.  Not him, not Seda.  And if they are not singular, how can history be?”

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