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Open City

By Teju Cole


259 pages

What’s it about? The narrator of this story walks the streets of New York (and a short stay in Brussels) lamenting about what he sees and what he is reminded of in that moment. What did I think? Teju Cole is a beautiful writer.  To appreciate this book, I had to slow down and just enjoy his writing style and ponder what he was trying to say. Should you read it? Hmmm…   It is beautiful writing, but if you like a plot then avoid this book at all costs.   However, it is a beautifully written novel with lots of stories that make you think. Quote- “Perhaps this is what we mean by sanity: That, whatever our self-admitted eccentricities might be, we play, and only play, the hero, and in the swirl of other people’s stories, insofar as those stories concern us al all, we are never less than heroic. “

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