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One Summer

By Bill Bryson


509 pages

by Bill Bryson What’s it about? Bill Bryson takes us back to the summer of 1927 and reminds us of all that happened that wondorous year.   Babe Ruth hits 60 homeruns, Charles Lindbergh flies from New York to Paris, Al Capone is enjoying his last summer of prominence, the Federal Reserve lowers the interest rate and sets in motion what will become the great depression, the Mississippi floods and devastates much of the country, radio is coming of age, television is being developed, talking movies are the new discovery, bombs are flying, murders are happening and much more! What did I think? Every time I get bewildered about the state of the world it is good to go back and read a little history.   I always come away amazed at mans’ accomplishments, and puzzled by our inability to learn from our mistakes. Should you read it? Absolutely! Quote- “As Lindbergh covered the last leg from Cherbourg to Paris he had no idea that he was about to experience fame on a scale and intensity unlike any experienced by any human being before.”

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