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Olympus Texas

By Stacey Swann


318 pages

What’s it about? March was effectively banished from his hometown of Olympus, in East Texas, after having an affair with his brother’s wife.  When he decides to return after two years away he has high hopes that the family can reconcile.  But families are never as predictable as you imagine.
What did it make me think about? Can kindness can be self-serving?
Should I read it? What a great summer book!  It was so nice to just read a book and enjoy the story.  This was a well written family drama and I highly recommend it! ​ Quote- “At first she chided herself for being annoyed with her husband’s innate goodness, bt eventually she decided his kindness wasn’t generosity.  It was self-serving.  He was the perfect son.  The magnanimous boss.  The patient husband with the irritable wife.  To feel good, he needed to be better than the rest of them. “

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