the next good book

Olive Again

By Elizabeth Strout


304 pages

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What’s it about? This novel revisits the character of Olive Kitteridge.  Elizabeth Strout won a Pulitzer Prize for her earlier novel,Olive Kitteridge, and I could not have been more pleased to spend some more time with Olive. What did it make me think about? How differently we all see the world. Should I read it? So reading Olive’s inner dialogue is enough to give you pause about judging others- and isn’t that an amazing feat!  It would be so easy to pass judgement on Olive’s actions, and yet when you get to know her you see how different her intentions are.I have never, EVER been disappointed in a book written by Elizabeth Strout- and this book was no exception.  Olive is a porcupine of a woman, but a lovable one anyway.  If you are fan of Elizabeth Strout then run to get this book! Quote- “When you get old,” Olive told Andrea after the girl had walked away, “you become invisible. It’s just the truth. And yet it’s freeing in a way.”

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