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Oh William!

By Elizabeth Strout


256 pages

What’s it about? Lucy Barton and her ex-husband William have been divorced for years and yet they remain connected to each other.  In this novel Lucy explores the nature of their relationship. What did it make me think about? But who ever really knows the experience of another?”   Should I read it? I LOVE Elizabeth Strout- she writes so sparingly and yet has such insights.  I am in awe of her abilities as a writer.  Do not miss this little gem of a story.  My absolute favorite book this year!   Quote- “I thought as I walked back to the airport- I thought: I know what that man feels like, (Except of course I do not.) But I thought: It’s odd, because on one hand I think I am invisible, but on the other I know what it is like to be marked as separate from society, only in my case no one knows it when they see me.”  

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