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Number One Chinese Restaurant

By Lillian Li


288 pages

What’s it about? The Beijing Duck House in Rockville Maryland has been a family owned restaurant and a community institution for thirty years.  The Han family has owned and operated the restaurant since sons Jimmy and Johnny were kids.  Jimmy has aspirations to move on and open a fancier Asian inspired establishment- but how can he make that happen? What did it make me think about? Not much!  This was just a fun beach read with a cast of characters that kept the story moving. Should I read it? This book was not my favorite but it was a quick, easy book.  I just did not find myself overly enchanted with any of the characters in this book.  However, it was well-written and would make a good book for the plane or the beach. Quote- “Americans.  They believed that a strong marriage came from knowing their partner’s every shadowy thought.  But it was knowing too much that killed love.  A strong marriage came when the wedded stopped trying to pump their partner’s depths.  Life became easier when one passed the years with an amiable stranger and not a mirror that reflected back one’s flaws.”

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