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Nothing To See Here

By Kevin Wilson


254 pages

What’s it about? Ten years after leaving boarding school ,under troubling circumstances, Lillian’s former roommate and old friend Madison calls out of the blue asking for a favor.  Madison needs help with her strange 10-year-old step-kids.  She wants Lillian to be their caregiver and keep them out of the public eye.  The only problem is that they combust into flames at the drop of a hat….What did it make me think about? The unlikely places we find love. Should I read it? I SO enjoyed this book.  It has sat on my shelf for awhile just because it just sounded so strange- and am I pleased I finally picked it up.  This was just a quick, fun, unexpected story- told with a sense of humor.  Did I say quick- because this is an exceptionally fast read?  I can’t wait to see what Kevin Wilson comes up with next! Quote- ​”This was how you did it, how you raised children.  You built them a house that was impervious to danger and then you gave them every single thing that they could ever want, no matter how impossible.  You read to them at night.  Why couldn’t people figure this out?”

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