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My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She’s Sorry

By Fredrik Backman


370 pages

What’s it about? Elsa is 7 years old, smart, and very different.  Her best (and only friend) is her outrageous grandmother.  When granny dies Elsa is left with the fairy tales she told her, and a mystery to solve. What did it make me think about? “A Man Called Ove” was such a sweet book that I was really looking forward to reading this one.   Again the story is about the family you are born with, and the family you make.   This had the same sweet quality to it that “A Man Called Ove” had, but I just couldn’t get into the fairy tale parts.  I will say that the story was moving and I wanted to continue to read it.  The cast of characters was really interesting too. Should I read it? This is a hard one to review.   The main story was really moving but the fairy tale parts just bored me to tears…. Quote- “Granny isn’t particularly good at living in the real world.  There are too many rules.  She cheats when she plays Monopoly and drives Renault in the bus lane and steals those yellow carrier bags from IKEA and won’t stand behind the line when she’s at the conveyor belt at the airport.  And when she goes to the bathroom she leaves the door open. But she does tell the very best fairy tales ever, and for that Elsa can forgive quite a few character defects. ”

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