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My Absolute Darling

By Gabriel Tallent


417 pages

What’s it about? Turtle Alveston is the heroine in this incredibly dark tale.  After her mother dies Turtle is left with only her tough, survivalist father.   She survives eight-grade by isolating herself from the other students.  Her only other friend is her elderly grandfather who lives down the road.  The summer before high school she runs across two normal teenage boys who are lost.  She leads them out of the wilderness- and in the process she discovers two friends.  But what will Martin, her father, make of this? What did it make me think about? This novel is so dark that I could hardly read it at times- and I don’t mind dark.  This novel is fiction and I am glad about that. It is unbearable that children live this way. Should I read it? This is beautifully written and the second half of the book just flies by.  It was a good book.  The characters were so real and the plot picks up the pace as it moves forward.  Turtle is a hero in every sense of the word!Having said that- I would recommend this book with BIG reservations.If you are someone that likes to keep it light- do not pick up this book! Quote- “A girl should have a grandfather in her life, I guess.  Christ.  I would’ve said his capacity to hurt me was all run out, but it was something else, I tell you to watch him with you.  I tell you what.  You come up as a child with such a man as that for a father and you have to spend a lot of your life persuading yourself that it was nothing to do with you, because I tell you- he was not so gentle with me.  He was the most sadistic kind of fuck, kibble.  So it takes some persuading.  And it’s hard, because it comes so natural to think that.  It’s somehow easier than thinking his hate is inscrutable.  That makes no kind of sense to a child.  It is quite a thing, I tell you.  And yet I have seen him be the most patient kind of man with you, kibble.  I hated him for that.  Isn’t that strange?  Years and years later.  I would’ve said his capacity to hurt me was all done.  Well. ”

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