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Mrs. March

By Virginia Feito


284 pages

What’s it about? Mrs. March lives on the Upper East Side with her husband George and their 8-year-old son Jonathan.  Mrs. March is all about appearances- so much so that when she begins to doubt her husband she lets no one in on her fears. What did it make me think about? How scary is an unstable mind…..and how reliable is this narrator? Should I read it? Virginia Feito is one talented author!  She makes Mrs. March come alive on the page- and this is unsettling for the reader.  Although the plot itself was slow for me- the book is faultless in it’s depiction of a woman slowly losing her grip on reality.  Fascinating up to the last page and SO well written.  This is not a book for everyone (more thought than plot) but I am glad I read it, and I am anxiously looking forward to Ms. Feito’s next book. Quote- “She never stopped to interpret the professor’s message, and would never admit, even to herself, that she couldn’t.  Still, she liked the idea of possessing this knowledge, this small intellectual advantage over others.  And she quite enjoyed visiting museums.  She tingled with he possibility as she prowled the cold, quiet halls that someone she knew might find her there, appreciating it all.”

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