the next good book

Mr. Mercedes

By Stephen King


436 pages

What’s it about? So this is my first foray into reading a Stephen King novel.  I now see what all the fuss it about.  This novel features and ex-cop, Bill Hodges, who is slowly drawn back into an old case involving “Mr. Mercedes”.What did it make me think about? This is another book that does not require too much thinking.  It is a totally plot driven, suspense filled, nail-biting, thriller.   It did make me wonder- what took me so long to try Stephen King? Should I read it? I would pick this up if you were in the mood to read a page-turner.  Be prepared to stay up way too late reading this book.  It is hard to put down. Quote- “Suicide proves guilt.  He remembers Lieutenant Morrissey saying that, but Hodges himself has always had his doubts, and lately those doubts have been stronger than ever.  What he knows now is that guilt isn’t the only reason people commit suicide. Sometimes you can just get bored with afternoon T.V.” Question- What is your favorite Stephen King book?  What should I pick up next?

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