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Moonflower Murders

By Anthony Horowitz


581 pages

What’s it about? This is your basic murder mystery with a twist.  Mr. Horowitz has deftly weaved a story within in a story in this book.  We have two different murder mysteries that are linked together with common elements.  Who did it twice?What did it make me think about? I just love a good whodunit!  What’s to think about except who committed the murder?  This was a nice break from lots of books with heavy agendas. Should I read it? I have enjoyed everything I have read or watched by Anthony Horowitz.  Great characters, complicated plots, and lots of guessing right to the end.   This book was ambitious in that writing a story within a story may tax some readers memory.  It did mine, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.  I would highly recommend this one. Quote- ​”It never occurred to Samantha that she might, in fact, be in possession of too much knowledge- for her own good and everyone else’s. “

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