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Marry, Kiss, Kill

By Anne Flett-giordano


297 pages

What’s it about? This is a classic, murder-mystery written by an interesting first time author. What did I think? I liked it.  It was a good whodunit.  It would be a great vacation book.  What sets it apart is Giordano’s writing.  Her characters and observations are clever and contemporary. Should you read it? Anne Flett- Giordano is an Emmy winning television-writer with credits onFrasier, Hot in Cleveland, Becker and Desperate Housewives.  The plot was pretty good and the characters were interesting.  Ms. Giordano’s turn of phrase is really amusing.  Sometimes I felt she could scale back the clever a little- but overall it was good.  I enjoyed it and will look forward to the next book in the series. Quote- “She’d pushed it to the back of her mind at twenty-eight, rationalized it at thirty, and tried to broker peace with it at thirty-two, but on the eve of her thirty-seventh birthday, her eyes welled up when she passed the pretzel place that had once been her favorite Betsey Johnson store.  Nola had long ago transitioned from Betsey’s colorful hooker couture into Tommy Hilfiger’s All-American Girl, which she could already feel morphing into Donna Karan, the last stop on the road to Chico’s and death.  Even the luckiest Cinderella only go one shot at her twenties.”

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