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Machines Like Me

By Ian Mcewan


333 pages

What’s it about? This novel tales place in a very different version of London in the 1980’s.  Imagine that Jimmy Carter had won a second election and Great Britain had lost the war in the Falklands.  There is political turmoil in England and the first Artificial Intelligence human beings are on the market.  Charlie decides he will spend his newly gotten inheritance on an Adam- one of these new A.I. machines.  Soon Adam will become entangled in every aspect of Charlie’s life- including his love affair with Miranda.What did it make me think about? This novel made me think about the complexities of Artificial intelligence.  Also what constitutes being a human being? Should I read it? Mmmmm….  tough question.  I had to slog through the first half of the novel.  It just didn’t really interest me that much.  The second half of the book definitely picked up.   The subject matter of the novel is really interesting.  So many scientific and moral problems to be thought through.   This book would make for an interesting discussion, but it will only appeal to a certain type of reader.  I fall squarely in the middle.  This book was well written, had an interesting subject, and somehow still was not my favorite….

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