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Lucky Turtle

By Bill Roorbach


404 pages

What’s it about?

Cinder Zoeller is just sixteen-years-old when she is sent to a correctional camp for girls in Montana.  She soon finds herself drawn to Lucky- a mysterious camp employee that she can’t get off her mind.  When things take a turn for Cindra at camp she and Lucky escape to the wilderness to live off the land. But how long can this fantasy life last?

What did it make me think about?

How stupid we are when we are young and in love…

Should I read it?

OK- this is a tough book to review.  It is a big, sprawling, messy love story written by one of my favorite writers- but it really goes all over the place.  Bill Roorbach has such a unique way of telling a story and “Life Among Giants” is one of my favorite books- but this one takes a lot more patience.  The first half of the book I kept thinking, “Where is this going?”.  But the book does come together in a surprising and pleasing finish and I was left smiling and glad I had read it.  So I am not sure what to tell you on this one….  If you have not had the pleasure of reading Bill Roorbach I would start with “Life Among Giants”   and then move on to “Lucky Turtle”.  He has such a distinctive voice and big imagination that I always end his books kind of amazed.  I hope some of you discover his writing as well!


“I remember that night as a scent, smoke first, then Montana sagebrush, that distant but forever threat of autumn in the air, and passion caught in that scent, just a feeling that still wells up in me when I smell anything remotely like it, all of us purely alive and lit up by the fire like fresh devils in the dark.”

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