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Love & Treasure

By Ayelet Waldman


352 pages

What’s it about? I would categorize Love & Treasure as historical fiction.  The novel centers on “The Gold Train” in Austria right after World War II.  The train is filled with plunder from the Jews of Hungary.  The novel is told in three separate parts and features different perspectives as well as different times in history.  The common thread running through the novel is a pendant that is found on the train in the first part of the novel.
What did it make me think about? I knew nothing of the train that was actually discovered in Salzburg, Austria.  The novel certainly gives you an idea of all the complications that would have arisen trying to deal with the train and it’s contents at this point in history.  The last part of the novel takes place in Budapest in 1913 and it is a very interesting look at the life of a brilliant and ambitious young woman in a time of history that had no place for brilliant ambitious women.
Should I read it? I enjoyed this book.  It sometimes bordered on melodramatic but the author never quite went too far.  The writing is good and the history was interesting.
Quote- “In Amatai’s experience the glorification of abstract notions of fairness and justice was a characteristic found primarily among children and Americans.”

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